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Natural Gas

MTR supplies a range of membrane technologies for natural gas processing.

Fuel Gas Conditioning (FGC)

Raw natural gas is often the only fuel available to operate power generators and compressor stations in remote locations and on offshore platforms. In many cases, the gas contains unacceptable levels of higher hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide. Membrane systems are a convenient and completely passive way to upgrade raw natural gas. Click here for more information about fuel gas conditioning.

LPG Recovery from Associated Gas

Associated gas often cannot be used at remote wellheads and the whole stream has to be flared — wasting a valuable resource and contaminating the environment. MTR's LPG-Sep™ systems efficiently recover LPG from associated gas without gas expanders or cryogenics — using just conventional equipment plus membranes.  Click here for more information about LPG recovery from associated gas.

Nitrogen Removal

A significant fraction (17%) of known U.S. natural gas reserves is subquality due to the high nitrogen content of the gas. Gas containing more than about 6% nitrogen must be treated to remove the nitrogen. A membrane system can produce pipeline-quality gas and nitrogen-rich fuel from raw natural gas. The process relies on proprietary membranes that are significantly more permeable to methane, ethane, and other hydrocarbons than to nitrogen.  Click here for more information about nitrogen removal.

CO2 Removal

CO2 is found in natural gas in many locations and must be removed to meet specifications before it can be delivered to the pipeline. Membranes manufactured by MTR are designed to handle raw natural gas and are unaffected by the presence of water and heavy hydrocarbons in the feed.  Click here for more information about CO2 removal.

H2S Removal

H2S is found in natural gas in many locations, and this high H2S gas cannot be transported from the wellhead to pipelines without treatment. MTR’s membranes can provide a simple, low-cost, compact solution for reducing H2S in natural gas.  Click here for more information about H2S removal.

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