MTR unveils new solvent dehydration product line for dehydration of Ethanol, Isopropanol, Acetonitrile and THF(April 2017)

MTR has been developing cutting edge membrane products for dehydration of various hydrophilic and hydrophobic solvents and has now launched a highly successful membrane process for solvent dehydration.

Many commercial hydrophilic solvents form azeotropes or have vapor-liquid equilibrium (VLE) pinch points with water, which makes solvent recovery by conventional distillation difficult. Solvents that form such azeotropes or have such pinch points include isopropyl alcohol (IPA), acetone, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), ethyl acetate, ethanol, butanol and tetrahydrofuran, etc. Molecular sieve drying is possible, but is energy intensive and is generally not economical for situations where the water concentration is more than 2-3 wt%. Pressure swing distillation or extractive distillation is often used for feed streams containing more than a few percent water, but the capital cost of the columns needed is an issue, as well as the high operating cost caused by the high steam consumption of the distillation process.

Our zeolite membrane process offers a simple alternative to distillation technology. Vapor permeation of water through the robust zeolite membrane allows almost complete recovery of dry organic solvent, which can be reused without further processing or treatment. The water content of the solvent is reduced to the 0.1 to 1.0 % range.


First of Three Hydrogen Membrane Units for KNPCs Clean Fuels Project Getting Ready To Ship (January 2016)

MTR is providing three large membrane units for Kuwait National Petroleum Company's (KNPC) Clean Fuels Project (CFP). The CFP involves the upgrade and integration of the Mina Abdulla (MAB) and Mina Al Ahmadi (MAA) refineries in Kuwait, increasing capacity of the refineries, and reducing sulfur content. The $16bn CFP project is scheduled for completion in mid-2018.

Among the many new components at the two refineries, three Atmospheric Residue Desulphurization (ARDS) units will be installed (licensed by Chevron Lummus Global), two at MAB and one at MAA. The ARDS process requires large amounts of high purity hydrogen, and each of the three ARDS units includes a Hydrogen Membrane Unit (HMU) to recover and recycle purified hydrogen.

MTR is providing all three HMU's (2 HMUs purchased for MAB by the EPC JV of CB&I, Petrofac, and Samsung Engineering; and 1 HMU purchased for MAA by the EPC JV of JGC Corporation, GS Engineering & Construction, and SK Engineering & Construction. These HMU's are among the largest hydrogen units built by MTR, and the first will ship to the site next month. .


MTR Leases Gas Conditioning Skid for Application in Pennsylvania (December 2015)

MTR's fuel gas technology was showcased in a quick turnaround application in PA, USA at a site north of Pittsburg.  The fuel gas skid was leased to the end-user and built as two skids, one housing the MTR patented design skid and the other a heater skid.  The leased skids will be initially used at the location and will be later moved to other sites for conditioning fuel gas.  Contact us for more information on leasing gas conditioning skids.


MTR awarded contract for Ethylene and Butene recovery from US Gulf coast PE Producer (December 2015)

In late 2015, MTR received an order from a US Gulf Coast polyethylene producer for hydrocarbon recovery.   The membrane-based system will be used to recover ethylene and butene.  The source of the feed gas is the reactor purge which is used to remove impurities such as ethane, hydrogen, and nitrogen.  Recovery efficiency is more than 80% for ethylene and 99% for butene.  The system will be shipped in August 2016, with start-up expected in early 2017.


MTR wins competitive tender for a multi-million dollar order for a complete hydrogen recovery skid for European refinery (December 2015)

In December 2015, MTR sold a multi-million dollar Hydrogen Recovery Unit (HRU) to a multinational refinery in the Netherlands via a major EPC company. The system is a single skid, which includes a pretreatment section as well as 16 of the our largest hydrogen membrane modules. It produces high grade, 99 mol% pure hydrogen for a variety of uses in the refinery, which will be critical for their operations. MTR will build the skid in Europe and will be following some of the industry most stringent technical specifications in it's design.


Ethylene Oxide Producer Chooses MTR for Middle East Plant (November 2015)

MTR recently received an order from a middle-eastern Ethylene Oxide (EO) producer for an Ethylene Recovery Unit (ERU).  The ERU will separate and recover ethylene from argon in the reactor purge gas.  Recovery efficiency is more than 65% using MTR’s unique argon selective membrane.  This membrane is well suited for producers who lack the machinery to recompress the recovered ethylene stream.  Shipment is estimated to be August 2016 with start-up in the first quarter of 2017.


MTR Wins Ethylene and Nitrogen Recovery Unit Job for an Asian PE producer (June 2015)

MTR received an order from an Asian polyethylene producer in mid-2015 for two (2) ethylene and nitrogen recovery units.  The feed gas comes from the purge gas and the purpose of the unit is to separate and recover ethylene from nitrogen.  This job was awarded through a large interntional EPC based out of Europe and was won though a competitive bid tender.  The units will be shipped in November 2016 with start-up expected in late 2017.


MTR Biogas Modules Successfully Demonstrated in Italy (July 2015)

MTR recently supplied hollow fiber modules for a Biodigester gas facility to remove CO2 to meet pipeline sales specifications in Italy.  The MTR process was integrated into the overall biodigester facility and the superior performance of the MTR hollow fiber modules was clearly demonstrated in the facility.  The full scale demonstration of this facility will continue through the end of the year. 


MTR Ships Ethylene Recovery Unit Project in Taiwan (July 2015)

MTR recently shipped an Ethylene Recovery Unit (ERU) to Oriental Union Chemical Company (OUCC), based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  The ERU is designed to recover more than 500 kg/hr of ethylene from the purge gas in OUCC’s Ethylene Oxide (EO) plant and will use MTR’s unique argon selective membrane to separate and recover ethylene from argon.  Start-up is expected in mid-2016.


MTR Secures Order for Gas Conditioning Skid for Nigeria  (May 2015)

MTR has been awarded the contract for a gas conditioning skid bound for Nigeria for a gas plant construction site.  The MTR unit will be used for generating clean fuel for the power plant at the location.  The contract was awarded by a Italy based power plant supplier and was through a contract from Saipem Italy.  The skid will be ready for shipment in October 2015.


Large Northeastern Gas Producer Endorses MTR Superior Gas Conditioning Skid with Repeat order   (April 2015)

MTR has been awarded the contract for a gas conditioning skid for a large compressor station in the Northeast.  MTR has built and installed numerous skids for the same producer over the past 5 years and this latest skid purchase is an endorsement of the satisfaction of the client with the superiod MTR product in the fuel gas conditioning market.  The skid will be ready for shipment in August 2015.


MTR Ships Two Large Hydrocarbon Recovery Systems to a US Gulf Coast Polyethylene Producer (February 2015)

In early 2015, MTR shipped two (2) large hydrocarbon recovery systems to a US Gulf Coast polyethylene producer.  Each system will process more than 25,000 #/hour of purge bin off-gas and will recover ethylene, iso-butane, and nitrogen.  Recovery efficiency is more than 90% for ethylene, 99.9% for iso-butane, and 70% for nitrogen.  Both units were shipped per schedule and start-up is expected in late 2016 or early 2017.


MTR Awarded Order for Unique Gas Conditioning Application bound for Far East Unmanned Platform  (February 2015)

MTR as developed  a fuel gas conditioning skid for reducing N2 in the fuel gas to be used to generate power on an unmanned platform in the South China Sea.  The MTR skid will be integrated with other equipment to provide a robust fuel solution ensuring consistent supply of control BTU value fuel gas.  The power generated will be used on the remote platform for powering instruments and communication euqipment.



MTR Starting Up Multiple Large Gas Conditioning and Liquids Recovery Skids for Compressor Stations in the Northeast. (December 2014)

MTR was awarded  multiple contracts in Q1-2014 for design, construction and delivery of several gas conditioning skids including liquids recovery for large compressor stations in the Northeast. These skids were delivered and the first unit has been successfully started up in December 2014 despite the extremely cold weather conditions prevalent at the time of startup.   The MTR skid which utilizes a patented process design is generating significant natural gas liquids at the facility and thereby reducing BTU values to below 1000 BTU/SCF for use as fuel gas in multiple gas engines installed at the site.  Other similar skids will be started up in early 2015 for other stations for the same company.

Northeast Large gas conditioning and liquids skid


MTR Awarded Large Contract for Helium Recovery from Natural Gas in Poland (December 2014)

MTR was awarded  a contract for design, construction and delivery to plant for a membrane based Helium recovery plant for installtion in Poland.  MTR plant will be located downstream of an existing facility supplying natural gas to a pipeline.  The inlet Helium content is only about 1500 ppm and MTR's process utilizing spiral wound elements concentrate the Helium into the permeate stream for routing to a helium recovery cryogenic plant downstream.  The plant will be delivered in Q4-2015 and start-up is expecetd in Q1-2016


MTR Wins Membrane NRU Project for Installation in Texas (November 2014)

MTR was awarded  a contract for  design, construction and delivery of a  membrane based NRU plant destined for Texas.  MTR plant will be located downstream of a large liquids extraction plant and will reduce the N2 content in the residue gas to meet pipeline specifications.  MTR's patented design utilizing spiral wound elements was deemed to be technology of choice by the end-user.  The plant will be delivered in Q2-2015.


MTR awarded repeat order from large midstream gas producer in Oklahoma (July 2014)

MTR has been awarded a repeat order based on the patented single vessel design by a large midstream operator for installation in Oklahoma.   MTR is pleased to receive the endorsement of the technology with the operator who has installed multiple MTR skids for conditioning fuel gas in their operations.

MTR Awarded Two Fuel Gas Conditioning Skid Contracts in the Northeast (June 2014)

MTR is pleased to announce award for fuel gas conditioning skid using it well established spiral wound elements for two compressor stations in the Northeast in the Marcellus region.   These contracts with subsidiary of a large US midstream company will utilize the MTR patented single vessel compact footprint design and are expected to be placed in service before the end of year.


MTR Starts Up Two Natural Gas Skids in Iraq (March 2014)

Two of MTR’s Fuel Gas skids have been started up at a large oil and gas plant in Southern Iraq.  This order from a large international service provider was awarded in 2013.  The extremely rich gas would have proven problematic for operating the installed Caterpillar gas engines at the location and MTR’s skid were design to provide the conditioning to reduce BTU values to acceptable values.  Both skids were containerized for easy shipment to the site.


Liquid CO2 Successfully Produced in Pre-Combustion Capture Syngas Demo at NCCC (January 2014)

MTR recently completed a project with DOE to develop a membrane-based process that effectively and efficiently captures CO2 from shifted syngas generated by a coal-fired IGCC power plant.  The successful development of this low-cost, environmentally benign membrane technology can potentially result in substantially improved economics for IGCC power production with CO2 recovery, making this combination of technologies a practical approach to environmentally friendly generation of electricity.The CO2-selective membranes (Polaris™) used in this project were developed and tested in three phases: laboratory testing of membrane stamps, pilot-scale testing of small membrane modules at a syngas processing plant, and full membrane system demonstration of liquid CO2 production from raw syngas.  The third phase field test was conducted with a pilot-scale membrane skid using a real coal-derived syngas, at a syngas processing plant operated by the National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC), Wilsonville, AL. The demonstration system processed 500 lb/hr of syngas (equivalent to the syngas that could be produced at a 0.2 MWe IGCC power plant), and produced a liquid CO2 stream containing 98+% CO2, starting from the coal-derived syngas feed, which contained only ~9% CO2.

The Polaris membranes prepared in this work are at the early commercial stage of development.  Several membrane systems using these membranes have been sold for CO2 removal from mixtures with H2 in various refineries, and MTR is exploring other opportunities to prove the technology reliability and demonstrate the process economics to a broader array of customers.  In particular, additional scale-up work would validate design studies which showed that a combination of CO2-selective membranes and H2-selective membranes can further improve the membrane process efficiency for CO2 capture. 



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