Membrane Technology & Research

Refinery and SynGas

For hydrogen recovery, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) recovery, syngas upgrading, or carbon dioxide removal, MTR has the membrane for you.  MTR offers a variety of solutions tailored to your specific separation needs.

Hydrogen Purification in Refineries

Hydrogen membranes are an economical method to recover and purify hydrogen from a refinery's own waste gases and reactor purges.  MTR's hydrogen-permeable VaporSep-H2 membranes can provide 90% to 99% hydrogen purity and greater than 90% recovery. Click here for more information about hydrogen recovery in refineries.

Refinery Gas Upgrading: LPG and/or H2 Recovery from Fuel/Waste/Flare Streams

Refineries often produce low-pressure gas streams containing hydrogen, methane, ethane, and other light hydrocarbons.  This gas is typically used as fuel or even flared, but MTR's hydrocarbon-permeable VaporSep membranes make it economical to recover the C3+ hydrocarbons as LPG.  If required, residual gas can be further processed to recover a hydrogen-rich stream. Click here for more information about refinery gas upgrading.

Hydrogen Separations in Syngas Processes

Syngas produced in gasifiers or steam-methane reformers must be treated to remove impurities (such as acid gases and methane), to adjust the H2/CO ratio to suit the downstream process requirements, or to recover purified H2 or CO for use in other processes.  VaporSep-H2 membranes offer a simple method for separating and recovering H2 in these applications. Click here for more information about hydrogen separation from syngas.

Hydrogen Recovery from Ammonia Plant Purge Gas

When syngas is reacted to produce ammonia, inert gases have to be purged from the synthesis loop.VaporSep-H2 membranes provide a simple and effective way to recover valuable hydrogen from these purge streams.  Click here for more information about hydrogen recovery from ammonia plant purge gas.

Hydrogen Recovery from Methanol Plant Purge Gas

VaporSep-H2 membranes offer a simple way to recover hydrogen from methanol plant purge gas. This hydrogen can be used to adjust the syngas hydrogen to carbon ratio.  Click here for more information about hydrogen recovery from methanol plant purge gas.

CO2 Removal from Syngas

CO2 separation from syngas, refinery, and power plant streams has taken on increased importance since its role as a greenhouse gas has become accepted. MTR’s Polaris™ membrane is unique because it is highly permeable to CO2, but retains hydrogen.  With this advance, it is now possible to use membranes to remove CO2 from streams containing hydrogen such as gasifier streams, PSA tail gas, and various petrochemical process streams.  Click here for more information about CO2 removal.

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