Membrane Technology & Research


Field testing is an important step in commercializing novel membrane applications. This unit is upgrading natural gas at a remote site.

MTR is a leader in the development of new membrane materials and processes. The company’ s product line is based on 20 years of in-house fundamental and applied research in the membrane separations area. This work has also generated over 100 patents and numerous publications and presentations.

Research Team

MTR employs leading specialists in membrane technology to drive our innovation effort. Many research team members have been recruited from membrane centers of excellence in the US and abroad. Click here for more information about MTR’ s Research Team.

MTR's research group produces and evaluates flat sheet membranes, and spiral-wound and other modules, in the laboratory and at pilot scale. The group works closely with MTR's engineering group, which designs, builds, and installs complete membrane systems for gas and liquid separations.

MTR’ s research is focused on three areas:

Materials and Membrane Development

New and modified membrane materials are developed and evaluated for gas and liquid separations and for pervaporation.  Click here for more information about Materials and Membrane Development.

Gas Separation

This group develops membrane technology for applications in natural gas treating, refinery operations, and petrochemical processing.  Click here for more information about Gas Separation.

Liquid Separation

This group supports commercialization of PerVap® pervaporation systems for bioethanol production, and for applications in food processing and water treatment.  Click here for more information about Liquid Separation.

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