H2S Removal From Natural Gas: SourSep™


Sour gas is an inconvenience right from the wellhead. Membranes can be used for bulk removal of H2S upstream and combined with downstream facilities to polish the treated gas to meet pipeline specs. Upstream bulk removal can be combined with re-injection of the H2S to unload downstream sweetening and sulfur production facilities.

Membrane Solution

MTR’s SourSep™ systems bulk remove H2S from pressurized sour gas in a simple single stage process. Bulk removal (>75%) will generate a very sour low pressure permeate gas which can be re-injected. The unit is simple, has no moving parts, no absorbents or adsorbents and processes only gas. No liquids or solids are used or produced. The incoming high pressure sour stream is split into a moderately sweetened high pressure product stream and a low pressure H2S rich reject stream.

SourSep™ bulk H2S removal can be combined with reinjection or (ii) other direct H2S to S conversion processes H2S disposal. Moderately sweetened product gas can be polished using (iii) lightly loaded conventional amine units with existing Claus facilities.

For H2S removal from fuel gas — see MTR leaflet "Fuel Gas Conditioning"


SourSep™ unit for installation on an Indonesian remote production field
  • Simple bulk H2S removal down to 200-300 ppm
  • Product gas with low hydrocarbon and water dewpoint
  • Robust, proven membrane performance at high H2S content
  • Skid mounted equipment, can be trucked to site and installed fast

System Performance

  • Feed flow rate: Wide range from 1 MMSCFD to >100 MMSCFD for appropriate applications
  • Feed H2S content: >5% to <100 ppm
  • Product gas pressure 30 to 1200 psia
  • H2S reduction up to 90% possible

Application Options

  • Bulk upstream removal
  • Minimize scavenger loading

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